Our Technical Programme based in Bromley is for club players between the ages of 6 - 16 who want to improve their individual technique.

At Unique FA we believe that in order to produce technically excellent players each technical aspect of the game needs to be taught in a systematic and comprehensive way.  

We also believe that a key to success on the pitch is paying attention to technical detail, and this is what our Technical Centre Programme is designed to do.  

The sessions are thoroughly enjoyable and challenging for players and are designed to give players the technical foundations needed to become increasingly effective in game scenarios.

The Syllabus

The syllabus used at our Technical Programme  incorporates a number of themes/topics into sessions throughout the year. We firmly believe development in each of these areas is essential if a player is to develop the technical proficiency needed to be effective in the game.

The technical topics covered in the syllabus include:

  • Turning
  • Dribbling + Running with the ball 
  • Beating a Player
  • Ball Mastery 
  • Receiving Skills
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Range of Pass
  • Finishing

Fast Track Development

In order to accelerate the technical development of our players many of the drills and practises in our technical sessions are unopposed.  This allows players the time and space to become comfortable both on and off the ball.  Opposed practises, limited pressure drills and full pressure drills are introduced at strategic moments in a session to simulate game-like scenarios.

Inside A Session 

A typical one hour session at one of our Technical Centres will include the following components across x4 practices with x4 highly qualified and experienced coaches: 

  • Themed SSG game with individual challenges + team challenges relating to theme
  • Technical Theme Unopposed Practice 
  • 1v1/2v2 
  • Conditioning/Movement Specialist/Ball Mastery 


Target Setting  

ALL players are provided with targets each term which enables them to narrow their focus in bitesize chunks and add substance to their development.  In addition, the coaching staff at Unique FA will regularly set team and individual challenges during training sessions in the SSG practice. In order to create a culture of individual bravery and creativity, players get the opportunity to challenge themselves without fear of failure, this is important to us at Unique FA.