The Elite Programme was established in 2013 to provide a training environment for players who were signed at professional clubs or had recently been released from the professional club academy system.

Players who are excelling within their grassroots environments were later invited to join the programme, which now hosts players from all three scenarios.


The Elite Programme is where it all started for us at Unique FA. The word elite gets thrown around a great deal in youth football and sport in general now. The whole concept initially (and still is), was to provide a challenging and professional training environment for players who have found themselves competing at an above average level due to their talent. This would generally mean that they were playing for professional clubs, representing their counties and/or had the attributes in our humble opinion to develop into above average football players based on a number of indicators.

The players who are invited to enrol onto the programme are then subjected to a vast array of expectations and monitored closely throughout their time with us. They are provided with all the tools we believe will give them opportunity to fulfil their potential and encouraged to take what they can from the programme and academy in general. 

Video Analysis & Player Review System 

ALL training sessions are filmed and ALL members have the unique opportunity to use our partner software to not only analyse their own performance during training but also produce individual clips of themselves playing.  We provide each member with their own player highlight reel in addition to using the data during player reviews.

Each member is provided with a full oral review meeting at set times throughout the season, where the footage is reviewed with player and parent and through discussion new targets are set, relevant to each individuals needs.

A desire to succeed and be proud of your achievements is encouraged and players are encouraged to celebrate but enhance their strengths, whilst steadily working to improve their weaknesses.

The players are regularly coached by experienced UEFA A & Pro-Licence Coaches & have access to all the tools young professionals enjoy today, with the latest technology including GPS monitoring & Video Analysis as well as the detailed training sessions taking place on the pitch. Our members are also provided with the very best nutrition supplementation for performance and recovery both pre and post-training. 

Members of our Elite Programme are not only educated as young football players but in addition we work hard to instil the life-long skills of humility, dedication, honesty and pride into each member via our language use, attitude and conduct as staff and role models.



As a ‘training academy’ first and foremost, our primary focus on this programme is working with elite players on the training pitch. We have an extremely strong team of experienced youth coaches; analysts; conditioning experts; sport therapists; position-specific coaches and much more. To find out more about the coaching team please click HERE.

Success Stories

Since launching the Elite Programme we have seen more than 80+ sign with professional clubs at schoolboy or senior level.  To hear from some of them and see what people are saying about the academy, please click HERE.

Who is the Elite Programme for?

Participation at the Elite Programme is for players age 8 - 16 and is by invitation only.  If you feel your child would be suitable to take part in the Invitation programme please contact us using the application form on the BOOK NOW page.