Welcome to Unique FA

Unique FA was established in 2013. The Academy has since grown and now caters for all players between the ages of 4-23 who wish to develop their game. The programmes are tiered based on ability and experience, so there's something for everyone!


At Unique FA there are five development programmes for players:

  1. The Elite Invitation Programme

  2. The Technical Programme

  3. The Futsal Programme

  4. The Pre-Academy Programme

  5. The 1-2-1 & Position-Specific Programme

Our Ethos

At Unique FA we aim to provide an environment which allows players of variable abilities to flourish and excel, whilst following their own individual development plan. We believe mentality, attitude and desire is crucial in improving performance, so guide each member with these values firmly embedded throughout their time at the academy.

Each member is encouraged to aim high to fulfil their own potential and the use of goals and targets set under the guidance of the experienced academy staff at Unique FA is part of the process.

The academy aims to create a challenging environment for all members to strive for excellence, within their own development plan. 

All members are taught to respect the 4 core values of the academy (Image below right) ;

All sessions  are pre-planned meticulously with specific learning outcomes in mind. Players will learn to trust each other with and without the ball, with bravery to get on the ball and express themselves always at the forefront of their minds.


History & Values

Unique FA launched in January 2013 in Beckenham, South-East London.

Founder Jamie Waller sought to recreate a professional football academy environment for elite players who were signed OR had previously been signed and released, from the professional club academy system. Jamie felt that there was so much talent in the local area and wanted to provide a platform for those who had experienced rejection, but still had the desire to succeed in the game. Initially starting with just a handful of sessions, the popularity in the sessions grew and soon after the Technical Programme was born, catering for all grassroots players seeking technical training to compliment their club commitments. 


Fast-forward x7 years and more than 2000+ academy graduates later, the academy is now firmly established as the leading training academy for young players in the area wishing to master their game.

Within that 7 years, the academy has been graced with scores of talented young players who have gone on to achieve professional contracts at both academy and senior level, a feat of which the academy is extremely proud of.

In addition the academy is incredibly proud of all of the members who dedicated their time to train consistently season after season in order to achieve their own individual targets which have contributed towards their own personal achievements and fulfilment - at all levels of the game.

The programmes are tiered based on ability and experience, so there's something for everyone!


The ethos of Unique FA is based on 4 core values:

These values underpin everything we do at Unique FA.

Birth-Date Bias

Unique  FA monitor the birth dates of their Academy players, taking careful consideration of what month a player is born. Those players born in the months of May-August can often be emotionally, cognitively and physically immature in comparison to their peers who are born in that earlier part of the year September-December. The measurements of performance are generally unrealistic. Unique FA pays specific attention to these players who are born in the Summer months and will monitor these younger players amongst each other to give a truer reflection of where they are in terms of their development.

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