We are extremely proud at Unique FA to have worked with in excess of 1200+ players since the launch of the academy just 6 years ago. With far too many success stories to list them all, we have shared some comments below from just a few of the members and their parents, both past and present ……………

Simon Kenyon - Father of Jack Kenyon - Colchester Utd


Jack is thirteen and has been at Unique since its early days.  They’ve grown up together! Jack plays for a brilliant Sunday league team and he’s had the same utterly fantastic club coach for more than six years. So why Unique? What extra has Jack learned from Unique?

First-up, the coaching is great and completely focussed on the development of the child. All the coaches have been great and Jack’s had a strong relationship with many of them.  Top of the list is Jamie who amazes me with his knowledge of all the boys. It’s great to have an expert like Jamie watch your child develop and understand what the child needs at any point in time. Jamie has given genuine and sincere counsel to Jack over the years. Sometimes that’s an arm round the shoulder but also sometimes it’s a kick up the proverbial .... Thanks mate!

As part of Unique’s invitation programme, Jack’s had a bunch of opportunities.  Most tellingly, Jamie opened doors for trials for Jack at arguably London’s two biggest clubs. It didn’t work out but it’s a marathon not a sprint and Jamie can help your child understand that. But what’s really obvious is that the invitation programme is the opportunity for your child to train at a standard that’s the closest you’re going to get to a pro-club.  Many of the Unique coaches work at academies and there are always boys from academies getting in extra sessions as well as boys, like Jack, who are knocking at that door.  Nothing is better preparation for an academy than training and playing with other children at that level and Jack does that week in week out at Unique. 

Over the years, Jack has been approached by other teams and organisations that claim links with academies.  Look carefully!  Unique has given Jack great opportunities and Jack continues to look forward to every single training session.  I don’t know where Jack’s football journey will end up but I do know that Jamie and Unique will continue to be an important part of it.

Niki Drake-Thomas - Mother of Joel Drake-Thomas - Crystal Palace FC


Joél joined Unique FA’s Elite Invitation programme 2 years ago. He currently plays for Crystal Palace FC and Unique FA offers the opportunity to work on more individual technical & specialist areas.  Each week a different theme is delivered. The sessions that Joél attends are small and are conducted by coaches that in my opinion are the most experienced in the game. Sessions are conducted in an extremely professional manner and in a non pressured environment, but still achieve the best outcome.

Jamie and his staff always encourage the positives and identify areas to improve on which have certainly shown in Joél’s performance on match days and his training within academy football.

The level and standard of the boys at the training programme is high which means Joél is challenged week in week out. Unique uses all the latest technology with sessions filmed on a weekly basis and placed on Hudl with homework being set to challenge his mind set in why he is doing what he is doing. They use a GPS system too which assists in the analyses of  his performance and is great fun for the players to use. Unique FA offers regular honest reviews on his performance and they provide detailed targets for the players to focus on. I can honestly say that Joél has gone from strength to strength with Unique FA and highly recommend them.

Chris Rawley - Father of Alfie Rawley


“Since Alfie started training with Unique over 3 years ago his all round game and confidence has dramatically improved. The training sessions are always structured to get the best out of not only Alfie but the entire group and particular attention is paid to each member to ensure they understand drills, push their self and make improvements each week. Alfie has gone from a fairly shy under 8 striker to now being 10 and playing for an under 12’s team in centre midfield where he does not look out of place and often dominates, I believe this is down to the confidence, continued improvement from training sessions and the mentoring he receives from Unique FA coaching staff. This along with being given opportunities to play professional clubs like Fulham FC, go on tour, play and have training sessions at Real Madrid’s training ground with Madrid’s  coaches makes Unique FA a no brainier for any child/teenager to be a part of.”

Paul Sullivan - Father of Evan Sullivan


As a parent unique FA have given my son Evan a fantastic start to his football career. Having started with them from a young age under 8.  We started at the technical centre which gave Evan an great insight into the world of technical football rather than just running with the ball. Jamie quickly recognised that some lads take on the information more quickly than others. Evan was taken into unique FA and there invitational program on Fridays which is a fantastic environment for the boys. Evan has been lucky enough to have trained with some professional clubs. From my perspective unique FA with Jamie and his team of professional coaches offer and give the same level if not better than what some professional clubs offer. The different circuits and professional environment that this makes has enhanced Evans capability to progress to the level needed to reach the levels needed to be a signed player. This is because Jamie and his team give the same and effective messages with a superb learning environment at there invitational program. The ethos that they install in the boys gives me as a parent peace of mind knowing that they are giving the right information and setting an example of how they need to be at a professional level.